We understand business. We appreciate your challenges and we support in your efforts to stay ahead. Auratus offers a strategic approach to finance and procurement, delivering solutions that are designed to be smart and effective. Our mission is to see the big picture, offer intelligent advice and effective processes to give our clients elegant business solutions that help to drive success. Our innovative team is vastly experienced, combining skills in everything from accounting to fintech, procurement to technology, and much more. Our modern approach to work fosters a positive culture which, in turn, fuels the excellent work that our team produces.

Strategic solutions rooted in innovation, experience, and skill. Our smart, streamlined approach gives your business the best possible springboard



Our team has expertise covering fintech, AI, audit & compliance, asset management and more. We are here to give you sound counsel and solid strategies to help you to manage your finance function effectively and successfully.



We merge our expertise across technology and processes to deliver best-in-class solutions to our clients. Whether you are in need of a smart accounting system matched to the needs of your business; cloud computing processes for your staff; vendor management services or even a full-scale ERP system – we can help. What’s more, our 24/7 support desk will provide gives you and your staff access to help and support whenever you need it.



We understand that financial strategy is the bedrock of your business. We seek to demystify the complexity contained within this process. We do this by providing our clients with simple strategies that cut through the jargon and the confusion, giving you what your business needs to succeed.



Strategic purchasing can use up huge amounts of valuable time for management – time that could be put to better use elsewhere. Our expert procurement projects team can take the strain away. From sourcing and prospecting to negotiating and legalities, we’ve got you covered. Whether you are looking for new premises, enterprise software or core services, our procurement team will provide you with world-class support.

Solutions created bespoke to the needs of your business. We’re here to support you today and in to the future.

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We are what we are because of the amazing team that works at Auratus. If you’re interested in joining our family, get in touch using the contact form.


    Forward-thinking business solutions rooted in strategic thinking and wise procurement to help your business to optimise its operations.

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