Better Procurement
Better Business

We are a partner in progress. With a focus on innovation, and transparency.

We serve as the vital bridge connecting businesses with suppliers, enabling them to thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Procurement is more complex than it used to be. In the midst of globalisation, we are inundated with choice and options for anything a business wants to achieve. With the explosion of options available to your business, it can sometimes be daunting to embark on projects that involve large spend. Moreover, it is no longer true that you will always buy from your local market. Purchasing beyond borders can open up complexities around licencing, compliance, and AML, that your business might not be equipped to deal with.

What services do we offer?

We empower businesses with the tools, insights, and connections needed to optimise procurement operations, and achieve long-term success in a global marketplace. With our simplicity first approach, our process toolset will foster collaboration and provide insight, so that you can make data driven decisions.

Core Procurement
  • A copy of the procurement handbook
  • Access to any of our procurement tools
  • Training on how to run effective procurement
  • Access to our team for strategic support and data reporting/analysis
Fully managed and outsourced procurement
  • Sourcing - we will operate with the highest level of due diligence to bring you dependable options, helping you to deliver success into your own business.
  • Negotiation - we have many years of experience of successfully negotiating large value, high stakes deals. With the support of our lawyers, we take care of the whole contractual process. 
  • Regular Data Reporting/Analytics - we will build reports for you with commentary and strategic suggestions so that you can make data-led decisions for your business.
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