Strategic purchasing can use up huge amounts of valuable time for management – time that could be put to better use elsewhere.


Strategic purchasing can use up huge amounts of valuable time for management – time that could be put to better use elsewhere. Our expert procurement projects team can take the strain away. From sourcing and prospecting to negotiating and legalities, we’ve got you covered. Whether you are looking for new premises, enterprise software or core services, our procurement team will provide you with world-class support.




Finding what you need to purchase, or even knowing what to purchase and from whom can be a daunting prospect without the right skills, contacts or experience.


Auratus recognises this and has a team of highly trained Procurement experts who work closely with both our own Finance team and yours to take care of the whole sourcing to purchase to pay lifecycle so you can focus on your frontline business.




Figuring out where to start when you need to buy something is often the hardest part of the process; Internet searches can be overwhelming and difficult to sort the genuine potential vendors from those who do not meet your requirements.


The Procurement team at Auratus have the skills, tools, contacts and expertise to match your requirements to vendor offerings and will operate with the highest level of due diligence to bring to you serious options, helping you to deliver success into your own business.




We understand that negotiation is a skill and it’s one that Auratus takes very seriously, which is why we consistently train our Procurement team to always reach the best value arrangement for you.


With many years of experience of successfully negotiating large value, high stakes deals, you can trust that you’re in safe hands when outsourcing your Procurement to us.


Equipped with legal knowledge and experience, we take care of the whole contractual process, with the support of qualified lawyers. Just let us know your wants and needs and we will achieve the best possible position based on your requirements.




Together with the Finance team we will see your purchasing through to the final payment stage in accordance with your payment processing needs and requirements so that you don’t have worry about missing a payment.




Want to know how much you’ve spent this year and on what? No problem. Let us know what purchasing or commercial data you need to see and we will build reports for you with commentary and strategic suggestions so that you can make data-led decisions for your business.



Forward-thinking business solutions rooted in strategic thinking and wise procurement to help your business to optimise its operations.

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