Our team has expertise covering fintech, AI, audit & compliance, asset management and more.


Our team has expertise covering fintech, AI, audit & compliance, asset management and more. We are here to give you sound counsel and solid strategies to help you to manage your finance function effectively and successfully.




Outsourcing finance work can be a scary prospect.  You are trusting an outside party with a core function of your business.  At Auratus, we recognise that fundamentally this is a relationship of trust.  You are never just a number to us; we want to work with our clients to build true and long-lasting partnerships.


We cater to all needs, from CFO-as-a-service, right through to outsourcing transactional processes such as data input.  We have the team and the skills you need.




Sometimes the biggest challenge is knowing where to start.  A small or medium sized company on the cusp of greatness might not have the means to hire a strategic finance leader – but that doesn’t mean they should not be able to source first class advice and strategy.


Our CFO candidates will take the time to review your business, discuss your goals, assess your current processes and standards – all to provide you with a roadmap to take your company to the next level.


We don’t just plan and run.  We can provide you with the resources and thought leadership to execute against the roadmap, and support you in the building of your own resources to take things forward.


Business Process Outsourcing


Many companies already have a strategy and know where they want to go.  Their biggest problem is resources.  Whether you need to fill a long-term gap, or need extra resources to fulfil a short term need, we are happy to provide assistance with day to day transactional work.


Whether you need support in the management of accounts payable, accounts receievable, or bank reconciliation – we have a solution to suit your needs.  For complex bank reconciliation, we have a partnership with a trusted data specialist to eliminate manual intervention.


Fully managed accounts


You might not be ready to engage a full CFO service model.  As a business leader, you might have other things to focus on as your business grows.  In this case, engaging our fully managed accounting service alleviates the burden; you can sleep soundly knowing that the entire end to end finance process is being managed by a highly competent, qualified and motivated team.

Forward-thinking business solutions rooted in strategic thinking and wise procurement to help your business to optimise its operations.

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